“This wry contemporary comedy — one part Glengarry Glen Ross and two parts Sophie Kinsella — will make readers cheer. Russell Wiley (works) for one of a dying breed, The Daily Business Chronicle newspaper. Rumor says former shopping cart magnate Larry Ghosh (pronounced “gauche”), new owner of the media company that publishes the Chronicle, is going to dismantle the paper. Can Russell save his job, and the paper? Everything is against him, from the new consultant with his freshly minted MBA, suspenders, and files with neatly printed labels, to a distracting crush on a coworker (made worse by his current lack of a sex life and increasingly disinterested wife), to Cindy the office “deadweight” who manages to take credit for everything without doing any actual work. It’s time for Russell to take control. Along with the mistakes, betrayals, and inevitable sports metaphors (“swing for the fences,” “be the ball, stay in the zone”) come enough wins to outweigh the losses: proof that when the world goes mad, “the only sensible way to respond is by acting crazy.” A winner in every way”

Publishers Weekly

“A rollicking satire about the slitherings of corporate snakes and the gambits of conjob consultants in the desperate world of modern media”

—Paul Steiger, Editor-in-Chief,

“A perfectly dry satire of the particular hell that is newspaper publishing circa Right Now”

—Lucinda Rosenfeld, author of  I'm So Happy for You: a novel about best friends

"This book is an up-to-date-hilarious snapshot of the problems facing mainstream media. It’s got an insider’s touch and despite its sharp fangs there’s love for the newspaper business throughout the novel. If you have ever been in the media business I think you’ll treasure Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch'"

—Tim McGuire, Frank Russell Chair for the business of journalism at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

"Very funny—and a must for anyone who frets about the Death of Print"

—Daniel Radosh, Writer, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart